Seeing Jesus In The Underdog

Seeing Jesus In The Underdog

Bob Gass


You did it to Me.
Matthew 25:40 NAS

 A minister on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia noticed a homeless man coming towards him. He was filthy and his beard was caked with rotten food. He was holding a cup of coffee and the lip of the cup was dirty. Staggering up to him the homeless man exclaimed, "Hey, mister. You want some of my coffee?" The pastor really didn’t, but he thought it was the right thing to do, so he said, "Sure, I’ll take a sip." When he handed the cup back he remarked, "You’re generous giving away your coffee." Looking at him the derelict man replied, "Well, it was particularly delicious today, and I think if God gives you something that good you should share it!"

The pastor continued: "I figured I was being set up and it would cost me five bucks. So I asked him, ‘Is there something I can do for you in return?’ The man answered, ‘Yeah, you can give me a hug!’ (To tell the truth, I was hoping for the five dollar option!) He put his arms around me, and I suddenly realised he wasn’t going to let me go! People were passing by and staring at me. There I was, dressed in my establishment garb, hugging this filthy man! I was embarrassed. Then little by little my embarrassment changed to awe. I heard a voice echoing down the corridors of time saying, ‘I was hungry; did you feed Me? I was naked; did you clothe Me? I was sick; did you care for Me? I was the homeless man you met on Chestnut Street… did you hug Me? For if you did… you did it to Me.’"

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