The day Noah shut the door on the Ark

The day Noah shut the door on the Ark Wayne Doyle
Genesis  6: 9 – 22
The Day Noah shut the door of the Ark. By Wayne L. Doyle (Based on the sermon “The Last Summit” By Rev Robert Simmons of mercy House. See Credits at end of the article.
I remember that day so well 39 days ago, it seems like a life time. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. We all went down to watch Noah to see what crazy thing he was up to now. We all watched him start building that crazy wood cart, he called it an ark. Today you would not believe it, he was loading animals into that Ark I think he caught every kind of animal in the Land and he had two of each, male & female. He pleaded with us to repent but we all laughed at the crazy old fool. We were having fun, lots of fun. I had everything I needed, a business, a family, lots of money and land. I had a girl friend on the side.
But when he came out to shut the door that day he pleaded with me to repent and lead the others to repentance and maybe God would change his mind, but I laughed and said “don’t forget your shovel you’re going to need it”. He went back inside and the big door shut and everything was locked up tight. We stayed a little while to see if he would come out, but we had a party scheduled for that night we were all going to get soused and have a good old time.
When we went in the hall for the party we heard the strangest sound, it sounded like somebody was dropping gravel on the roof. We went out side to look and it was weird, little drops of water were falling from the sky, and water was gushing up from beneath the ground. Then all of a sudden the clouds got very dark and we heard a loud noise, it sounded like the heavens were falling and a bolt of light came down out of the sky and struck a tree and set it on fire (we had never heard of thunder & Lightening). I remember thinking then I wish Noah was here.

As I left the building water started pouring from the sky, it was like pails of water was being poured out from above. I ran home and by the time I got to my tent I was soaking wet, and my tent had fallen to the ground. All the tents in the neighborhood had fallen. People were trying to find anything to cover themselves with. I couldn’t find my family. I live in a valley and it did not take long before the water begins to rise and everything we had floated away. I ran to the place where we left Noah in his ark, as I came near, the massive Ark was sitting were it was before, but the water was coming up around the bottom. I knew it would start floating just like my neighborhood before too long. I ran up to the massive door and I begin to pound on it with my fist. I yelled at the top of my lungs for Noah to open the door and let me come in so I could be safe. My hands were bloody from pounding so hard, and clawing on the hard surface.
I went back up on the other hill; the water was coming down so hard now I Could barley see. But as I looked across the valley I saw the Ark as it begin to lift up off of its mooring platform. I watched helplessly as it floated down the valley and out of my sight. That first night I sit there and thought about my life, I had everything a Man could want out of life, I was so comfortable In my material belongings, I thought about my plans for the future. Now all I could think of was why I was so stubborn that I would not listen to Noah.
Had we all listened, none of this would have happened. I screamed at the God that Noah talked about; I told him it was unfair, if he was really a loving God why would he do this. How could he let this happen, I am a good person, I help my neighbors when they are in need. I don’t deserve this. Right now I would give up everything I own if only I could go back to this time yesterday and start over. I would listen to Noah, I would ask questions if only. Noah..Noah Please… please come back I am sorry, I will listen. I realized that while I was lost in my thoughts water was coming up the side of the hill. I jumped up and ran to higher ground. That became my daily routine running to higher ground. By the third day I was so hungry and getting weak.
Then I saw a side of my neighbors that I had never seen before. As food got short they were fighting and even killing each other for a scrap of bread. By the tenth day the animals were gone, much of the earth was under water, and the few people left were like animals themselves. Most of the children were gone because the adults fought for the higher ground and the children were left to fend for themselves. As I watched how evil mankind could be day after day I begin to see why God was so disgusted with us.
I woke up this morning sitting at the top of a tall tree. I am the only one left, the earth is completely covered with water, and I have not eaten in days. All the people have perished except Noah and his kin floating around in that ark he built. Somehow I know this is my last day on earth the water gets higher by the hour, but even if it stopped now I would starve to death. But I wish I had a feather and parchment so I could write a note and let it float on top of the water for Noah and his family to read. Last night in the top of this tree, I fell into a deep sleep and I had a dream, it was so real I want to write it down.
I dreamed I saw a man with shiny clothes and he came to me and begin to tell me a story. He explained to me why God had to do what he did he called it a flood. Man had gotten so evil and vile that they would not pay attention to God and his plan for them; if they had listened to Noah things would have been different. He begin to tell me about the future he said Noah and his kin would be safe and the water would all drain away, and the generations would start over again. He said God has declared that He would never destroy the earth again with water. He told me that down through the ages to come, he would find other men like Noah in future generations and he would make a covenant with them and he would be their God and he would care for them. But he still knew that mans heart is evil and people will turn away from him no matter how good he is to them.
I said “will he destroy them again like this time, maybe not with a flood but with something else”? Then he said something very strange, he said no this time he will give Mankind a choice. He will send his only Son into the world as a human being born of a virgin and through his Son he will make a new covenant with them. I thought about my Son, I loved him very much.
I said that would be very good, they all accept his Son then the whole earth will be a wonderful place to live. But he said no, they will reject Gods Son just as all of you refused to listen to Noah, there will be many who will refuse to listen to his Son, and they will kill him by hanging him on a cross.
He showed me a picture in my mind and I saw two very different places. One was a place of beauty that I could never describe but along with the beauty, was an overwhelming peace and joy. The other was a terrible place it was like a river caught on fire and the people were screaming in pain in the fire and there was one they called Satan who was responsible for that awful place.
Then I saw it all so clearly, the Spirit of God came over me and I could see into the future. I said to this man talking to me, I wish I could go to Churches in the year 2002 and speak to the people. He said what would you say different, some will listen and accept Gods Son and go to Heaven that you saw in your vision. Others will reject him and chose material things and live in sin and go to the place called Hell which you saw in your vision.
I said maybe I could convince them.
I would tell them that Christ came into the world to die on a cross for the sins of mankind. All of Mankind; John 3:16 Romans 10:12 “The same Lord over all is rich unto all who call upon him”. Verse 13: “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”.
He said after you tell them and they still reject him what then?
Hebrews 10:31 “It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God”.
They must understand that one day Christ will not be a loving savior calling them to repent but a severely righteous judge. We lost our lives because we refused to listen, the same thing will happen to them if they refuse to listen.
I will warn them that one day the rapture will take place and if they are not ready they will be left behind and they will run to the Christian bookstores just the way I ran to the ark. They will be like me I would give up everything if I had a second chance, I would tell them that all of their material things will be checked in at graveside and willed to someone else, but they will go on to face God, Sin leads to eternal death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Romans 6:23.

God is not winking at your sin, just because he is silent he is taking notes and the books will be opened. This is your day in court. You Will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and He Will Judge You for Your Sins. There will be no excuses on that day. • No Counsel For The Defense, • No High Paid Clever Attorneys, • No Inadmissible Evidence, • No Pleading Insanity, No Mistrials, • No Hung Juries, No Appeals, No Retrials, • No Pleading to a Lesser Charge, No Parole,
• No blaming the hypocrites in the church, you are on your own. God’s Day of Vengeance is here.
As for me, I blew my chance, the water is touching my feet and I have no place else to run, this is the highest place on earth right now and the water is rising. I wish I would have listened, I hope you will………………. your life depends on it.
Revelation 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
Wayne & Joan Doyle Care Ministers Gates of Praise Ministry Faith Worship Center Aurora Mo
See next page for acknowledgement
I am always looking for good material for the Gates of Praise News letter; my heart is to reach the un-churched as well as the saints. I ran across a Sermon by Rev Robert Simmons from Mercy House on the web that so inspired me I set down and wrote the story you just read. In the story I used some (by permission) lines from his sermon, but the entire story was a direct results of my reading his sermon. He has some excellent sermons you may want to read at
Please respect his Copy Right protection and do not reproduce these materials without permission.
Wayne L. Doyle October 20, 2002


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