“But you will receive power
when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be
my witnesses…” Acts

Prior to her Christian husband being released from prison in Iran,
feared that she might be arrested too. So she seriously prayed, “Dear
Lord, I
am not ready to go to a solitary confinement because of my Christian
faith. It
is such a closed and dirty environment. As you know I was born and
brought up
in a wealthy family and had a comfortable life. Please don’t test
me beyond my
ability.” She told God she would not be able to handle being
arrested and
mentioned her fear that she might give the names of all
believers in the house
churches to the police or even deny

Three days later, the secret police knocked at her door. She said
to God, “I
have already asked you not to put me in this temptation. So
whatever happens,
it is not my fault. Because I had already told you that I
am not a strong
person and can’t stand against these security people and
can’t tolerate

She said, “The police blindfolded me and
took me to the solitary confinement.
I was scared to death and felt sick as
the place was very smelly.” They put
her in a cell and a few hours later
brought her in for interrogation. She
added, “I sensed the presence of the
Holy Spirit very strongly. And I felt
that God’s peace came down on me and my
fear went away.”

When Maheen stood before the high official, she
courageously testified of her
Christian faith. “It is an honour for me to
talk to people about Jesus. I will
be very happy to talk to you about Jesus
and salvation too. Like all other
people and Muslims, you also need Jesus in
your life. Without Jesus a person
does not have any peace and life is
hopeless and without any purpose. Jesus
laid his life down for you too so
that you can have salvation and will not

The official
responded in anger, “Do you know what the consequence of all this
will be for
you? You can’t evangelize me. It will cost you a heavy price.”

On the
third night the official came to her cell. Maheen was frightened
fearing that
he came to abuse her sexually or to beat her up. But the official
told her,
“Don’t be afraid of me. I need your prayers. When you shared about
Jesus with
me, it had such a powerful impact on my life. I need to be saved. I
Jesus in my life. I believe God has sent you to come to this prison so
you can share about salvation with me. I am now completely aware of the
that without Jesus I will be a miserable and hopeless person and I
perish. Please pray for me that I can be set free from this hell I live

Maheen had the chance to share about Jesus for three hours with him
and at the
end he repented of his sins and committed his life to Jesus. The
testified that for the first time he experienced the real peace and
love of
God in his life.

Maheen and her husband were both released
from prison and are in touch with
this official and his wife secretly. The
wife of the official has committed
her life to the Lord too.

Today I will walk and talk in the power of the Holy Spirit and trust
God to
use me as a witness wherever He places me.

PRAYER: Thank God for the
power of His Holy Spirit among committed brothers
and sisters in Iran.

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