He will rescue them from oppression and
violence, for precious is their blood
in his sight. Psalm 72:14

When a
bomb ripped through a church in Alexandria, Egypt on New Year’s Day,
Christians across the western world reeled with shock. Twenty-one
were killed in the attack and many others were wounded. While
Christians in
the west watched the news reports with disbelief, local
believers say the
attack came as no surprise.

Responses to the vicious attack were varied.
While some cried for revenge,
others have responded differently trusting God
to redeem these lives.

One explanatory story from Egypt is

Devil: “I just killed 21 of your family.”

Jesus: “You didn’t
kill 21 of my family. You just sent them on ahead to me,
and you mobilized
the church to pray.”

Brother Andrew writes: What is your first thought
when someone offends you?
Anger? Indignation? Perhaps, if we’re honest, our hearts even want to see some
kind of retaliation or revenge. But you know,
Jesus is clear: revenge is not
the answer. Love is. Especially when it comes
to the Muslim world. That’s why,
instead of retaliating when we read of a
bomb attack against our fellow
believers, I suggest our response should be
repentance! Repentance that we
have not prayed, have not cared, have not gone
to the Muslim world to proclaim
the true life and freedom we have in Jesus!
Let’s keep asking God to truly
change our hearts—that we might love, serve
and pray more fervently…for the
advancement of His kingdom and the glory of
His name in the Muslim world and

RESPONSE: Today I will seek
to keep my eyes on Jesus and try to understand
things from His

PRAYER: Lord, change my heart so I am filled with Your
compassion and thus
love, serve and pray more fervently.

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