Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.
Hebrews 13:1

As we see in Hebrews chapter twelve, once we “keep our eyes
fixed on Jesus,”
we will be aware of how we should then live. The writer now
turns to the issue
of brotherly love and he uses the verb form of repeated
action. Keep on
loving, over and over. Jesus Himself said that this would be
the sign to the
world of true discipleship—love for one another.

China a house church network leader was being pursued by the Public
Bureau (PSB) due to his active ministry. He had to be on the run and
go home because the PSB were waiting for him at his house.

His wife went
through much emotional suffering since she didn’t know where her
husband was.
Other believers were afraid to come to the meeting held at the
house and even
other co-workers didn’t come near due to fear. The wife had no
money and
eventually ran out of food. That was the hardest time in her life.

spite of the PSB officers standing outside, an elderly Christian
approached the house and boldly entered. The wife was surprised and
asked the
elderly woman why she was willing to take the risk. The lady said
she wasn’t
afraid because she knew the woman’s husband was serving the Lord
and she was
also serving the same Lord. The old lady prepared some noodles
for young wife
and her child. The young wife was really impressed with this
love. Also the
old lady told her that many outside were praying for them so
this also brought
tremendous strength and encouragement as they continued to
suffer isolation.

Another house church leader in China spent time in
prison. He wrote to his
fellowship, “It is because of your prayers that I
could go through the most
difficult times while in prison. My mother, who
also prayed for me every day,
knew that there were many brothers and sisters
who did the same for her son
and that she was not alone. She too, would like
to express her thanks to those
who prayed for me.

“Following my
release, I spent two weeks with my whole family. My daughter
shared that she
thought I was a bad person because she had seen the policeman
arrest me right
before her eyes. She was very angry with me until the day she
received a card
from a fellow Christian. In the card were the words, ‘Your
father is a hero
for he has suffered for Christ.’ Immediately all her anger
dissipated and she
became very proud of having a father who is a hero and
willing to suffer for

RESPONSE: Today I will make an extra effort to show love to all
brothers and sisters.

PRAYER: Help me, Lord, to make love
for the brethren a daily repeated action,
for Your glory!

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