Do not forget to show hospitality to
strangers, for by so doing some people
have shown hospitality to angels
without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2

As we see in Hebrews chapter twelve, once we “keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,”
we will be aware of how we should
then live. The writer now turns to the issue
of entertaining strangers. After
reminding us to keep on loving each other, he
now shares that love should
also be extended to the strangers in our midst.
They could possibly even be
angels. I’m sure the Jewish background believers
hearing or reading this
letter would immediately hearken back to Father
Abraham when three strangers
passed by one day. He extended full hospitality
to them only to discover they
were heavenly beings on a special mission.

Aunty Alice was the wife of
Pastor Allen Yuan in China, known for her gracious
hospitality to everyone
who entered her door right until her death in the
summer of 2010. Pastor
Allen was imprisoned for twenty-one years and eight
months for refusing to
join the government controlled Three Self Patriotic
Movement—the official
Protestant church under the communist regime.

Alice had five children and
her mother-in-law to care for during those many
years of her husband’s
absence. She was also branded a “counter-revolutionary”
and thus could also
secure a hard-labor job moving construction rubble from
one site to another
by heavy push wagons. This still did not generate enough
resources to provide
for the all the family’s needs.

One night her mother-in-law informed her,
“Alice, there is no rice left to
feed the children tomorrow morning!” Alice
was angry and complained to the
Lord that He had promised to care for her.
She opened her Bible and her eyes
fell on the Matthew scripture when Jesus
says that if God cares for the birds,
will He not also care for you? Her
heart was rebuked. She asked forgiveness
from the Lord and went to sleep

The next morning before six o’clock there was a knock on the
door. Alice
slipped on her house coat and shuffled to the door. There stood a
with a big box in her hands. As was her custom, Alice invited her
in. She
stoked up the fire in the central heating oven and put the kettle on
for tea.
But the stranger just walked to the table, set down the box and
began to

Alice said, “Wait a minute. What’s your name?” The
lady replied, “I have no
name. Just thank God for that box!” And the stranger

With trembling hands Alice opened the box to find rice, meat
and vegetables.
Also in it was an envelope with more money than two month’s
salary. She knew
it was truly an angelic visit.

RESPONSE: Today I will
be open to entertaining strangers realizing that God
may be in the

PRAYER: Thank You Lord for the way You work. Help me be an
active participant
in Your plans.

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