“And now the cry of the Israelites has reached
me, and I have seen the way the
Egyptians are oppressing them. So now, go. I
am sending you to Pharaoh to
bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.”
Exodus 3: 9-10

Moses may have been delighted to hear that the God of
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
was a God with a heart for His people’s suffering.
Delighted too that this God
with such a father’s heart then rises from His
throne—not commanding armies of
angels to relieve the suffering of His
people—and comes down in His own person
to deliver them from the hands of the

But Moses is totally taken back by the command, “I am sending
YOU, Moses, to
Pharaoh in order to bring the Israelis out of Egypt.” Moses
reaction is one of
self-deprecation and insecurity. He poses innumerable
questions and obstacles.
God promises to go with him and give Moses the exact
words to say. God is able
to deliver. And often He will ask YOU to be His

In Iran, Pastor Haik Hovsepian (martyred in 1994) recorded many
messages. It
has been possible to distribute thousands of his tapes. One of
the people who
recently got hold of a tape is a Quran reciter. He has a very
powerful voice
and many times he has been invited to recite the Quran in
different mosques in
Iran. He also passionately recited about the life of the
dead Imams
(Muhammad’s descendants) in mourning ceremonies in order to make
people cry.
He used to be a very religious person himself.

When he got
hold of a sermon of Haik, he realized that through religion he
cannot be
saved. He was in captivity of some immoral sins such as alcohol
abuse and
adultery. When he heard about the difference between religion and
of Jesus, the Spirit of God spoke to his heart. Every time he
listened to
this tape, he felt even more convinced that he needed the
salvation of Jesus,
until he finally gave his life to the Lord. By then he was
not only liberated
from the captivity of his sins, but also from the captivity
of the religion
with which he was identifying. He is now using his voice to
sing for the Lord
and shares about Jesus wherever he goes.

As he was a well-known person
among Muslim religious leaders and other people,
one evening the secret
police knocked at his door. Two weeks later, they
released him from prison on
bail until his trial date. He had to borrow half
of the money from his
relatives as his savings were not enough. Since he lost
his job as a Quran
reciter, he does not have any source of income, so it is
difficult for him to
live and to pay the money back to his family. He is
trusting God to totally
deliver him. Praise God for the steadfast faith of
this brother in following

RESPONSE: Today I will trust God for deliverance from every
challenge and
temptation I face.

PRAYER: Thank You Lord for this
precious deliverance record of Your power and
goodness. I am available to act
as Your agent in this world of suffering.

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