one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will
them up at the last day…” John 6:44

Throughout the Muslim world, Jesus
(“the man in white”) has appeared to
seekers in special ways—often in dreams
and visions. For example, Achmed is
forty-two, married and has four
daughters. A year ago, the Lord Jesus appeared
to him in a dream. Coming from
an Egyptian fundamentalist family, Achmed was a
committed Muslim. The dream
caused his Islamic faith to waver. As a secret
believer, he has gone into
hiding in Cairo. He describes his dream:

In the field, there were
hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people. They were
all dressed in white
and were looking up to heaven expectantly. They didn’t
pay any attention to
me. Suddenly a dazzling light shone on the crowd. Out of
the light, the Lord
Jesus stepped forward. He hovered over the people and
blessed them. Then he
pointed at me.

At that moment, I woke up. I was completely confused. I
knew Isa (Jesus) only
from the Koran. I knew that he was a man who had
performed miracles, a
prophet. Never had I thought that he would reveal
himself to me. I was shaking
all over my body and woke up my wife. “What’s
the matter?” she asked. I could
only say, “They’re right. They’re following
the right way. They’re right…” I
couldn’t go back to sleep. I had to know
more about this man.

The easiest way was to turn on the television and
look for Christian satellite
stations. Achmed also read the Bible and watched
the JESUS film. He had bought
this on impulse a year before at a book fair in
Cairo. He spoke to a Christian
neighbour, who took him to a church in Cairo.
He says, “I started to attend
the services in secret and took part in a Bible
study group. The love of the
Christians touched me. The members of our Bible
study group are like family to
me.” Achmed had been supernaturally drawn to

RESPONSE: I thank God today that I have also been drawn to Jesus,
and He will
raise me up!

PRAYER: Pray that God will continue to draw
many, many Muslims to Jesus around
the globe.

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