God’s Story For Your Life/Shattered Tablets

God’s Story For Your Life

Exodus 32:14-29

God says he will destroy the people because of their sin,
but Moses intercedes
for them. Then Moses descends from the mountain and sees
the idolatry for

Shattered Tablets
So the LORD changed his mind
about the terrible disaster he had threatened to
bring on his

Then Moses turned and went down the mountain. He held in his
hands the two
stone tablets inscribed with the terms of the covenant. They
were inscribed on
both sides, front and back. These tablets were God’s work;
the words on them
were written by God himself.

When Joshua heard the
boisterous noise of the people shouting below them, he
exclaimed to Moses,
“It sounds like war in the camp!”

But Moses replied, “No, it’s not a
shout of victory nor the wailing of defeat.
I hear the sound of a

When they came near the camp, Moses saw the calf and the
dancing, and he
burned with anger. He threw the stone tablets to the ground,
smashing them at
the foot of the mountain. / (Exodus

How could God relent? He had been ready
to destroy the whole nation because of
their sin. But Moses pleaded for
mercy, and God spared them. Although we
deserve God’s anger, he is abundantly
merciful—willing to forgive and restore
us to himself when we

Moses, overwhelmed at seeing the people’s idolatry and revelry,
broke the
tablets containing the commandments. They had already been broken
in the
hearts and actions of the people. Righteous anger like Moses’ has its
However angry Moses might have been, God was angrier still—he wanted
to kill
all the people. Anger at sin is a sign of spiritual vitality. Don’t
this kind of anger. But when you are justifiably angry at sin, be
careful that
you continue honoring God in the midst of

What commonly makes you angry? Is it when your
rights are violated, or when
your freedom is taken away? Do you ever get
angry when you see others ignoring
God’s commands? If not, why not? Ask God
to show you when to be angry and when
to forgive.

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