God’s Story For Your Life

God’s Story For Your Life

Numbers 9:15-23

Ever since the Israelites first left Egypt, God has
guided them with a pillar
of cloud. Now that the Tabernacle is complete, the
cloud covers it: a visible
sign of God’s presence with his

Cloud and Fire
On the day
the Tabernacle was set up, the cloud covered it. But from evening
until morning the cloud over the Tabernacle looked like a pillar of fire. This
was the regular pattern—at night the cloud that covered the Tabernacle had the
appearance of fire. Whenever the cloud lifted from over the sacred tent,
people of Israel would break camp and follow it. And wherever the
settled, the people of Israel would set up camp. In this way, they
and camped at the LORD’s command wherever he told them to go. Then
remained in their camp as long as the cloud stayed over the Tabernacle.
If the
cloud remained over the Tabernacle for a long time, the Israelites
stayed and
performed their duty to the LORD. Sometimes the cloud would stay
over the
Tabernacle for only a few days, so the people would stay for only a
few days,
as the LORD commanded. Then at the LORD’s command they would break
camp and
move on. Sometimes the cloud stayed only overnight and lifted the
morning. But day or night, when the cloud lifted, the people broke camp
moved on. Whether the cloud stayed above the Tabernacle for two days, a
or a year, the people of Israel stayed in camp and did not move on.
But as
soon as it lifted, they broke camp and moved on. So they camped or
traveled at
the LORD’s command, and they did whatever the LORD told them
through Moses. /
(Numbers 9:15-23)

A pillar of
cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night guided and protected
Israelites as they traveled across the desert. Some have said this pillar
have been a burning bowl of pitch whose smoke was visible during the day
whose fire could be seen at night. But a bowl of pitch would not have
itself up and moved ahead of the people, and the Bible is clear that
cloud and fire moved in accordance with the will of God. The cloud and
fire were not merely natural phenomena; they were the symbol of God’s
and the visible evidence of his moving and directing his

The Israelites traveled and camped as God guided. God was
teaching them how to
follow him. They moved when he moved. They stayed when
he stayed. Their lives
and activities were fully submitted to God’s leading.
When you follow God’s
guidance, you know you are where God wants you, whether
you’re moving or
staying in one place. Wherever you are right now, instead of
praying, “God,
what do you want me to do next?” ask, “God, what do you want
for me while I’m
right here?”

Direction from God
is not just for your next big move. He has a purpose in
placing you where you
are right now. Begin to listen for God’s purpose for
your life by discovering
what he wants for you right now!

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