Are the innocent punished for others’ sins?

Questions Answered

Are the innocent punished for others’ sins?
2 Samuel

The Bible is painfully honest in its depiction of the horror and
of sin. It treats both disease and death as universal results of
evil. Some
infants with AIDS or young victims of drive-by shootings suffer
for the sins
of others, through no fault of their own. In facing these
realities we must

(1) Death is not always an act of
judgment, nor will it always be a reality
for God’s people.

(2) The
loss and pain felt by others may be God’s instrument to turn their
toward him. Sorrow can awaken spiritual insight or cause spiritual
This is what seems to have happened to David. His experience refined
him and
helped him continue more diligently as a man after God’s own heart.

Once we have been forgiven, it is unnecessary self-torture to
feeling guilty about what our sins have done to others. We should be grateful
for forgiveness and seek to minimize the effects of our sin.

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