God’s Plan for Sex

God’s Story For Your Life

God’s Plan for Sex
Read Leviticus
“So do not act like the people in Egypt, where
you used to live, or like the
people of Canaan, where I am taking you. You
must not imitate their way of

God’s laws
in Exodus and Leviticus were launching a new culture. The
Israelites were
moving from idol-infested Egypt to idol-infested Canaan.
Creating a new
culture was much harder than adopting an established one.

As God helped establish this new culture, he warned his people to leave their
experiences and artifacts behind. He also warned them how easy it
would be to
adopt the Canaanites’ pagan culture. Canaan’s society and
religions appealed
especially to sexual immorality and drunkenness. The
Israelites were to keep
themselves pure and set apart for God.

Part of establishing this new
culture involved building good relationships.
Maintaining good relations
meant not having sex with just anyone. If sexual
relations were out of
control, God knew the people would hurt and kill one
another because of them.
He knew that sex was intensely personal.

If sexual
abuse is part of your history, you know how much heartache it can
cause. But you also need to know that God’s love for you remains unchanged. He
loves you deeply. Whatever your history, God wants to bring healing to
life through right relationships with him and others. If you or someone
know needs support, you can find more help here:

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