Stand firm then…with the
breastplate of righteousness in place. Ephesians

The soldier’s
breastplate of the Roman times was to protect his vital organs.
It was
usually made of hardened slabs of leather or pounded bronze or a
combination of both. The soldier’s rank and his country’s seal were affixed to
it. It
covered the soldier’s chest and stomach but not his back. So it was
to face the enemy, not for retreat from the enemy.

Because we are waging
a war against an invisible enemy, we must always be
armed. Our breastplate is
made not of heavy metal but is molded by the Spirit
of the living God to fit
us properly in our inner being. Our righteousness is
not a metal front, but
given by Christ to show to everyone in all our
day-to-day relationships and

Our enemy will point out your failures and shortcomings.
He will try to
convince you that you are unworthy to be a child of God. He is
right. But your
relationship with God is based on Jesus’ uprightness before
God, not yours.
Your sins have been wiped out. When God sees you, he sees
Jesus. Stand tall
before the enemy…in your breastplate of

Mikail Khorev, a very effective evangelist in Russia,
spent many years in
prison for his continued public ministry. On one occasion
his family was
refused visiting rights and sent home. When the prison guard
was taunting him
about it, he replied:

“I would like to tell you that
my God is fulfilling his plans through you and
will use you for our blessing.
I love my family very much and being together
with them means a lot to me,
but if it brings more honor to the Lord for us to
part rather than be
together, then why should I insist on seeing them? If his
name is glorified
more through my being in prison than through my being at
liberty, then I tell
you that there is no greater joy for me than to die on
this prison bunk as a
prisoner, as my father did and as many of my brothers in
the faith have

Mikhail is also quoted as saying, “I have to admit to you that
prison is a
very useful school for our education and for the testing of the
genuineness of
our faith…I’m grateful to the Lord for this school and for
his leading.”

RESPONSE: Today I put on the breastplate of
righteousness…protected under the
blood of Jesus Christ.

may my breastplate of righteousness guard my heart from evil so
I will remain
pure and holy in the face of trials.

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