The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of
the world. On the contrary,
they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 2
Corinthians 10:4

Helen Berhane was imprisoned for almost three years in the shipping container
prisons in Eritrea. She shares how a Muslim man with
epilepsy was also
imprisoned. She says in her testimonial book titled Song of
the Nightingale:

I noticed that he wore two charms on his belt. I pointed
at them, “Where did
you get those charms from?” “I saw a witch doctor, before
I was arrested,
about my fits. He said that they would make me better, but I should never take
them off.” “Jemal,” I said, ‘those charms cannot heal you.
Only prayer to God
can do that.”

As I spoke he began to have a fit,
and so I prayed for him. I did this often
until, miraculously, he agreed to
take the charms off. I took them away and
burnt them, but whatever was in
them smelled awful, and the guards demanded to
know what I had been doing,
which gave me the opportunity to explain to them
that only prayer can heal a
person, not charms from a witch doctor.

Jemal’s health improved and his
fits became less frequent. I was delighted but
he was worried.

if they know that I am feeling better they will keep me here, and I
want to
be released.”

“If you continue to trust in God, no one can keep you from
going home, not if
God wills that you should be released.” I was very pleased
when he was
released shortly afterwards.[1]

RESPONSE: Today I will
live in the awareness that the spiritual battle rages
all around me and I can
be used to counter Satan’s bondage over people.

PRAYER: Lord, you have
given me the spiritual weapons with which to demolish
the strongholds of the
spiritual battle that I find myself against today. Help
me not to depend on
the weapons of the world.

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