…do not exasperate your children; instead bring
them up in the training and
instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4

Chinese Bible Woman shares the following situation that helped train her
her children in righteousness while her husband was in labor

One day I said to my children, “The Lord has told me that today I
will go to
prison for Him. Father is also in prison so please behave. Love
each other and
don’t forget to bring food for your mom!”

During that
time there were so many prisoners that the government could not
provide for
all of them so family members provided their food.

The children cried
when they heard this. Daniel replied, “But mom, we have
only five catties of
rice left. How can we have rice and also send you some?
When it’s all gone,
we’ll die!”

I told the children, “The Lord can turn nothing into
something!” and I
reminded them of the story of Elijah and the widow. They
had a simple
child-like faith and believed that God could provide for their
need. So they
concluded, “Even though our rice is not enough, we will cook
for you too!”

After talking with the children, The Public Security Bureau
police came to the
door and arrested me. Daniel followed me to the prison to
find out which cell
I would be in. The younger two children knelt in prayer.
As I was taken away,
my heart was wrenched as I heard their little voices
trailing off.

I was in prison on that occasion for thirty days. All the
while Daniel
faithfully sent rice for me. When I returned home I asked, “Is
there any rice

Daniel’s response was, “Mom, our rice container
is overflowing!” It really
was. Those five catties had inexplicably grown to
about forty catties and were
literally overflowing the container.

said, “Praise the Lord! Now we can continue to cook for the other inmates
feed them as well.” The Lord’s grace is beyond measure.

fulfilling the functions of the church in each Christian home, we
have the
great responsibility to train and instruct our children in faith

PRAYER: Lord, help me model today Your love, faith
and righteousness before
the little ones I am in a position to influence.

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