Don’t Kick the Anthill

Don’t Kick the Anthill
Lysa TerKeurst

“The wisdom of the prudent is to
give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception.” Proverbs 14:8

I stood at the dirt mound watching ants. They were busy. I was

The afternoon had been slow for me. Several of my friends had been
invited to the community pool. Another friend was at camp for the week. Even my
last resort, the pigtailed aggravation that lived in the apartment below, was
busy. “She’s napping,” her mom had informed me.

I walked away thinking,
She’s six years old. Only two years younger than me and she still takes naps?
That’s the awfullest thing a mom could do to her child. And this is the
awfullest afternoon ever.

I sat on the swing of the little playground
behind our apartment complex. I scuffed the toes of my red sneakers, making
lines in the dirt as I moved slowly back and forth. If a child could have died
from boredom, I felt quite terminal at that moment.

Then I spotted the

I walked over and stood there. Just about the time I was
thinking about how lucky all those ants were to have so many friends, I heard a
scratchy little voice call out to me.

“I bet you won’t stick your foot
through that anthill.” Pigtail girl had woken up from her afternoon slumber. And
for heaven’s sake I would not, could not, be shamed by a girl who still took

I knew in my mind I shouldn’t kick the anthill. I knew in my heart
I shouldn’t kick the anthill. And I knew deep down in my soul I shouldn’t kick
the anthill. Every part of me knew I should walk away from the

But some silly part of my mouth betrayed me.

“Yes I
will!” I declared as I kicked my foot into the middle of ant Hades.

didn’t take long to feel as if someone had lit 1,000 needles on fire and stabbed
me mercilessly.

Since that day I haven’t kicked an anthill. At least not
in the literal sense.

But I have gotten myself into situations where I
invited trouble into my life that just didn’t need to be there. Especially in
the area of saying yes to something I absolutely should say no to.

I will
know in my mind I should say no. I will know in my heart I should say no. I will
know deep down in my soul I should say no.

But then my mouth will betray
me, “Yes, of course I will do that.”

And then?

The sting of the
three D’s comes …

Dread — As I write yet another thing on my schedule,
I feel the weight of overload.

Disappointment — In order to make this
happen, I will disappoint someone.

Drama — Dread and disappointment will
ratchet my emotions to a tipping point. A tipping point that’s not healthy for
me or those with whom I do life.

Here’s what I’m trying to preach to
myself: Just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should do it.

kicked the anthill that day for three reasons … I thought it proved I was
something. I thought it would impress nap girl. And I didn’t think through the
cost beforehand.

Proverbs 14:8 says, “The wisdom of the prudent is to
give thought to their ways.” As a little girl on the playground, I was neither
wise nor prudent. Thankfully I know now that God’s wisdom is readily

I’ve learned that if I pause before making an impulsive
choice, and ask God what to do, He will answer. In fact, He’s given me some
questions to ask myself that help me determine whether something is an
assignment from Him or an anthill that will get me into trouble.

saying yes to one more thing on my schedule, I ask myself:

Am I trying to
prove something?

Am I trying to impress someone?

Have I thought
through the cost of saying yes?

It’s not bad to say yes to opportunities.
But we really should give thought to our ways and consider whether this is an
assignment or an anthill.

Take the assignment if it’s yours. But don’t
kick the anthills.

Dear Lord, I’m asking for Your guidance as I discern
assignments from anthills. Thank You for Your direction. In Jesus’ Name,

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