Do not let this Book of the Law depart from
your mouth; meditate on it day and
night, so that you may be careful to do
everything written in it. Then you
will be prosperous and successful. Joshua

A co-worker who was teaching Christian leaders in Vietnam shares

I immediately realized that not one of these pastors
owned a Bible and that
they were waiting to hear from scripture. As I started
sharing, one pastor
raised his hand. “Excuse me brother, is that the Bible or
is that you?”

“This is scripture,” I answered and immediately the leaders
took out a
notebook and eagerly started writing every word down. I then
understood that
this was the only way that they could collect scripture
verses. I wanted to

As I continued the teaching, the same
question came once again. “Excuse me
brother, is that the Bible or is that

“This time it’s me,” I answered and suddenly everybody put their
“Bibles” down
and took out a different notebook and once again wrote down
every word I said.
Then came lunch break and the leading pastor stood up. “We
will now have a
time to test our Bible knowledge,” he announced.

wondered how my Bible knowledge, with more than ten Bibles at my
would measure up with these leaders who do not have their own
copies. The
leader asked the first question. “What does it say in Obadiah

I shrank in my chair. Please don’t look at me, I thought. I know
there is a
book of Obadiah but I must confess it has been some time since I
read it. The
pastors started laughing and then one raised his

“Obadiah only has one chapter, brother!” I felt so ashamed. How is
it possible
I did not know this and these believers without their own Bibles

Then came the second question. “What does the Bible teach in Nahum

An elderly pastor in the front row raised his hand like an eager
school child.
He then started quoting the scripture: “The Lord is good, a
strength in the
day of trouble. He cares for those who trust in

“Well done brother,” said the leader. “You may sit down now.” But
the elderly
pastor was not finished yet. “Please,” he asked, “may I
continue?” After a
nod, he quoted the whole book of Nahum

I was also later introduced to another believer who came to
know the Lord only
during recent years. His passion for the Word of God is
displayed in the fact
that he has already memorized seventy-eight chapters of
the Bible.

RESPONSE: Today, I will begin a program to internalize God’s
Word and hide it
in my heart.

PRAYER: Lord, give me a passion for Your
Word like believers in Vietnam.

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