Is my work useless?

God’s Story For Your Life

Is my work useless?
Read Deuteronomy
You will go mad because of all the
tragedy you see around you. /

Do you ever feel that you
will go crazy if you hear about one more rape,
kidnapping, murder, or war?
The barrage of bad news can leave us feeling
powerless and despondent. Much
of the world’s evil is a result of people’s
failure to acknowledge and obey
God. One of the curses God promised for those
who disobeyed him was that they
would go mad from seeing so much tragedy.

But tragedy is not the end of
the story.

We don’t groan helplessly as unbelievers do who have no hope
for the future.
Paul reminded the Corinthians that Jesus’ Resurrection gives
us victory over
death. One day, we will also be resurrected like Jesus was.
As a result, Paul
encouraged them, “Always work enthusiastically for the
Lord, for you know that
nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless”
(1 Corinthians 15:58).

Even though we are surrounded by tragedy and death
and effort and failure in
our world, our work is not useless. God, who brings
life to dead bodies, will
bring life to our failed attempts and wasted

Have you felt frustrated or despairing
lately? Is there a project you’re
working on where you feel like you’re
spinning your wheels? God sees all
you’re doing, and he will not forget it.
Though you may not accomplish
everything you’d planned to, God will bring a
just reward to you as you
faithfully strive in your daily activities.

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