Dan’s Land

God’s Story For Your Life

Dan’s Land
Read Joshua
But the tribe of Dan had trouble taking
possession of their land, so they
attacked the town of Laish. They captured
it, slaughtered its people, and
settled there. They renamed the town Dan
after their ancestor.

The homeland allocated to the clans of the tribe of
Dan included these towns
and their surrounding villages.

After all the
land was divided among the tribes, the Israelites gave a piece
of land to
Joshua as his allocation. For the LORD had said he could have any
town he
wanted. He chose Timnath-serah in the hill country of Ephraim. He
rebuilt the
town and lived there.

These are the territories that Eleazar the priest,
Joshua son of Nun, and the
tribal leaders allocated as grants of land to the
tribes of Israel by casting
sacred lots in the presence of the LORD at the
entrance of the Tabernacle at
Shiloh. So the division of the land was
completed. / (Joshua 19:47-51)

God had several good
reasons for establishing these boundaries instead of
turning the Promised
Land into a single undivided nation. (1) The boundaries
gave each tribe
ownership of an area, promoting loyalty and unity that would
strengthen each
tribe. (2) The boundaries delineated areas of responsibility
and privilege
that would help each tribe develop and mature. (3) The
boundaries reduced
conflicts that might have broken out if everyone had wanted
to live in the
choicest areas. (4) The boundaries fulfilled the promises that
began to be
given as early as the days of Jacob (Genesis 48:21-22).

The tribe of Dan
found that some of their land was difficult to conquer, so
they chose to
migrate to Laish where they knew victory would be easier. The
text doesn’t
give the reason, just that Dan “had trouble taking possession of
their land.”
Perhaps they were depending on their own strength and not on God.
Or perhaps
they just anticipated trouble and backed away.

Anyone can trust God when
the going is easy. When everything looks impossible,
our faith and courage
are put to the test. Have faith that God is great enough
to tackle your most
difficult situations.

Experiencing the fulfillment of God’s promises
often includes our own
participation. Like the tribe of Dan, we can’t always
passively wait for God’s
blessings. But neither can we take whatever we want.
Instead, we must listen
for God’s leading and then respond in faith, trusting
in God’s power and
taking steps toward the future he’s

Today you may need to spend time
listening for God. Or perhaps you have been
listening for a long time and not
it’s time to act in faith. Whatever the case
is for you today, God has big
plans for you and for the people around you, and
he wants you to be part of
them. What is God doing, and how can you be part of


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