The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and
effective. James 5:16b

For fifteen years from 1981 to 1995, in one
Chinese city there were many cases
of murder, armed robbery, rape, gangs of
thieves, local village local tyrants
were rampant and small children were
being kidnapped, taxis were being robbed
and taxi drivers being killed.
People’s hearts were nervous. Traffic related
disputes were increasing and
society was not in a peaceful state. There were
less than 3000 believers in
the city.

At this time, the Holy Spirit moved Sister Zhou to the city.
This Christian
sister helped the church there for over one month. She
received a burden while
praying that the church should set up a prayer watch.
So, the first prayer
watch group was established. When it started, there were
only 6 people. On
Sundays these six people would all watch and pray

After almost six months of this kind of prayer, the
national police cleaned up
and eliminated the triad gangs and local village
tyrants and brought about a
change for a better environment in the

At the time when children were being kidnapped, old Sister Chang
began to fast
and pray. Every day she would pray saying, “O Father God, save
and rescue
these children. Send an old granny to look after them!” After a
year’s time,
the problem of children being kidnapped was

One problem would be solved and then another problem would
come up for prayer.
The rate of deaths in that city due to traffic accidents
was an average of one
to two people per day. Many more than that were injured
daily. They then
decided to make the city’s traffic safety to be a special
prayer topic. They
prayed and relied on God to solve the traffic

From 1995 until now, small groups of prayer watches have
expanded from one to
three core groups. Each person prays at a designated
time and the time for
prayer rotates to another person in the group. It has
now expanded into a
large prayer network. Now the city is peaceful and safe.
The work of the
gospel is stable and steadily expanding. There are more than
30,000 Christians
in the city attending meetings.

The people’s
attitudes and appearance all seem like they are renewed. Although
there are
many laid-off workers, they seem to be able to find enough work to
still be
able to feed their families. This truly is the effect of prayer. It
is the
work done by our Father for the city.

RESPONSE: Today I will recommit
myself to believe in the power of prayer and
practice that

PRAYER: Pray for the problems in your city or community. Ask God
like-minded partners.

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