Victory Fanfare

Gods Story For Your Life

Victory Fanfare
Read Judges
“When Israel chose new gods, war erupted at the
city gates. Yet not a shield
or spear could be seen among forty thousand
warriors in Israel!

“My heart is with the commanders of Israel, with
those who volunteered for
war. Praise the LORD!

“Consider this, you
who ride on fine donkeys, you who sit on fancy saddle
blankets, and you who
walk along the road. Listen to the village musicians
gathered at the watering
holes. They recount the righteous victories of the
LORD and the victories of
his villagers in Israel. Then the people of the LORD
marched down to the city

“Wake up, Deborah, wake up! Wake up, wake up, and sing a song!
Arise, Barak!
Lead your captives away, son of Abinoam!

“Down from
Tabor marched the few against the nobles. The people of the LORD
marched down
against mighty warriors. They came down from Ephraim—a land that
belonged to the Amalekites; they followed you, Benjamin, with your
From Makir the commanders marched down; from Zebulun came those who
carry a
commander’s staff. The princes of Issachar were with Deborah and
Barak. They
followed Barak, rushing into the valley. But in the tribe of
Reuben there was
great indecision. Why did you sit at home among the
sheepfolds—to hear the
shepherds whistle for their flocks? Yes, in the tribe
of Reuben there was
great indecision. Gilead remained east of the Jordan. And
why did Dan stay
home? Asher sat unmoved at the seashore, remaining in his
harbors.” / (Judges

Although God had given Israel clear
directions, the people failed to put his
words into practice. Without God at
the center of their national life,
pressure from the outside soon became
greater than power from within, and they
were an easy prey for their enemies.
War was the inevitable result.

Four tribes—Reuben, Gilead (either Gad or
Manasseh), Dan, and Asher—were
accused of not lending a helping hand in the
battle. No reasons are given for
why they didn’t help their fellow
Israelites, but their reasons may be the
same ones that stopped them from
driving out the Canaanites in Joshua’s time:
(1) lack of faith in God to
help, (2) lack of effort, (3) fear of the enemy,
and (4) fear of ruining the
economy that depended on trade with the
Canaanites. This disobedience showed
a lack of enthusiasm for what God wanted
Israel to

Are you excited about what God wants to do
in and through your life? Or does
holiness sound like a drain of life and
joy? If you are more excited to gain
recognition, power, or money, you may
find yourself besieged by stress,
anxiety, illness, or fatigue when your
dreams slip out of your grasp. Ask God
to give you a clear picture of the
life he wants for you, and ask him to
ignite your imagination for what it
could mean for your future.

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