Everyone who competes in the games
goes into strict training. They do it to
get a crown that will not last; but
we do it to get a crown that will last
forever. 1 Corinthians 9:25

young Romanian Christian was called in to the secret police
interrogation. He had dreaded this moment. Fear gripped him throughout
and he
was unable to give a categorical rejection to the police offers of
treatment and security if he would only inform on his fellow-believers. He did
not accept the offer either, but his inability to reject it
brought personal agony.

He could not sleep that night
because of his fear and guilt. The next morning
led of the Holy Spirit, an
older Christian came to visit the family. He was
unaware of the young man’s
dilemma. Being a former prisoner for his faith, he
was able to counsel the
young man from Scripture about his situation. He built
up the young man in
fellowship, training him for the next ordeal.

It came the same afternoon
when the youth was taken in for his second
interrogation. The same thing
happened and the young man was still upset by
his answers. Again the older
believer came to encourage him.

Three days of more interrogations passed.
Eventually the young man was able to
reject the police offer completely. With
no further hold on him, the police
let him go. Counsel, prayer and patient
caring had brought him through and
trained him in righteousness.

maintain biblical integrity, let us consider training as a prescribed
in righteousness in which each individual is disciplined through
practice to
be obedient to God’s direction for mankind and able to withstand
the schemes
of the devil.

People who commit themselves for a cause have a right to
expect training in
the job for which they have been selected. In some of the
trades, this is
called “apprenticeship.” In medicine, it is known as
“internship.” In the
military, it is referred to as “basic training.” In
scripture, it is referred
to as “discipleship.” However, in our modern day,
training is often by-passed
due to the pressures of time, need and a low
value placed upon the office to
be filled. This was not the case with Jesus
in His selection and training of
His disciples.

After calling His men
to be with Him, he challenged them to commit themselves
to following after
Him—to be “fishers of men.” Jesus then began to train them
to become His kind
of “fishers of men.”

RESPONSE: I want to be a trained disciple of Jesus
Christ. I will submit to
His guidance and discipline.

help me to realize and accept Your “training” process as I
follow You today.

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