are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Matthew 5:7

As we in
humility recognize our “poverty of spirit,” God in His mercy forgives
equips us. Having received mercy, we are expected to show it to

The biblical term merciful is related to the word for empathy,
which means the
ability to get right inside another person’s skin until we
see things with his
eyes, think things with his mind and feel things with his
feelings. This is
what Jesus did for us in His incarnation.

Blessed are those who empathize with others until they are able to
see with
the eyes of others, think with their thoughts and feel with their
The one who does this will find others do the same for him or her
and will
know that God did this for them in Christ Jesus.

How do we
see our non-Christian friends? Can we see Muslims, for example, as
people groping in the semi-darkness, under the mere glimmer of light that
crescent moon provides, thinking that is all the light there is?

As we see them, mercy would be an appropriate word to describe our feeling and
attitude as well as actions toward them. Just as we would go to the aid
of a
blind man heading in the wrong direction, so mercy should similarly
drive us
to go after them and show those who are willing to listen, the way
to more
complete light.

If we are secure in the knowledge that Christ
is the Sun of Righteousness,
then we do not need to prove anything but
patiently and gently show others the

A relatively young man
decided to work for the Lord in China. His father was
not a Christian and
very strongly opposed him. The son decided to attend a
series of Christian
meetings in one of the areas where he was serving. His
father opposed so
strongly that they quarreled before he left for the
meetings. Then the son
suddenly died while he was at the meetings.

The Christians there prayed
and showed much concern. They knew that the news
of the death would be hard
for the father, so they asked a doctor to be there
just in case the father
needed him. When the father arrived and saw the love
of the Christians, he
gave his life to the Lord.

RESPONSE: Today I will see others as Jesus
sees them and I will empathize with
them as though in their

PRAYER: Lord, help grow closer to You so that I will act like You,
others and being sympathetic.

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