Why does God allow innocent children to suffer?

Questions Answered

Why does God allow innocent children to suffer?

Jeremiah’s words are laced with emotion. And stewing just beneath
his grief
was an anguished question: How could God have permitted these
children to

All people—including children—are born into sin
(see Ro 5:12). The sin of Adam
and Eve infected each succeeding generation,
leading to the suffering and
consequences that sin produces. While these
children had not participated in
the specific sins that incited God’s wrath,
they were not themselves sinless.

Unfortunately, children often suffer
for their parents’ actions—whether they
are crack babies, adult children of
alcoholics or teens of emotionally absent
parents. In the same way, children,
as members of a community, share in the
benefits or consequences of that
community’s actions, even though they had
nothing to do with the decision. In
many countries, children are the victims
of the older generation’s war and

Some insist that no one but God can be ultimately responsible
for such
suffering, and perhaps these are the feelings behind Jeremiah’s
honest, but
bitter complaints (see La 2:19–20). Yet God never wanted anyone
to suffer.
Death is the natural result of sin (see Ro 6:23). Judah could only

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