A Place for Worship

Gods Story For Your Life

A Place for Worship
Read 1 Chronicles
Then David said, “This will be the location
for the Temple of the LORD God and
the place of the altar for Israel’s burnt
offerings!” / (1 Chronicles 22:1)

Out of David’s
tragic mistake—taking a census—came the purchase of a plot of
land that would
become the site of God’s Temple, the symbol of God’s presence
among his
people. Every time the people would go to the Temple, they would
that God was their true King and that everyone was fallible and
subject to
sin, including their human king.

God can use our sins for good purposes
that will bring him glory. When we
confess our sins to God and turn from
them, repentance can become a great
opportunity for God’s glory. Jesus said,
“There is more joy in heaven over one
lost sinner who repents and returns to
God than over ninety-nine others who
are righteous and haven’t strayed away!”
(Luke 15:7). Talk about glorifying

If you
are cherishing a sin in your life, consider how repentance might bring
glory to God. Consider how it could become a turning point for you,
around you, and those who come after you. David’s repentance became an
for remembering God’s grace. That altar became a Temple where people
went to
worship God. How could your repentance encourage others to worship

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