The Suffering Servant

Gods Story For Your Life

The Suffering Servant
Read Psalm
My life is poured out like water, and all my bones are
out of joint. My heart
is like wax, melting within me. My strength has dried
up like sunbaked clay.
My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. You have
laid me in the dust and
left me for dead. My enemies surround me like a pack
of dogs; an evil gang
closes in on me. They have pierced my hands and feet. I
can count all my
bones. My enemies stare at me and gloat. They divide my
garments among
themselves and throw dice for my clothing.

I will
proclaim your name to my brothers and sisters. I will praise you among
assembled people. Praise the LORD, all you who fear him! Honor him, all
descendants of Jacob! Show him reverence, all you descendants of

For he has not ignored or belittled the suffering of the needy.
He has not
turned his back on them, but has listened to their cries for

I will praise you in the great assembly. I will fulfill my vows in
presence of those who worship you. The poor will eat and be satisfied. All who
seek the LORD will praise him. Their hearts will rejoice with
everlasting joy.

The whole earth will acknowledge the LORD and return to
him. All the families
of the nations will bow down before him. For royal
power belongs to the LORD.
He rules all the nations.

Let the rich of
the earth feast and worship. Bow before him, all who are
mortal, all whose
lives will end as dust. Our children will also serve him.
Future generations
will hear about the wonders of the Lord. His righteous acts
will be told to
those not yet born. They will hear about everything he has
done. / (Psalm
22:14-18, 22-31)

David gave an amazingly accurate
description of the suffering that the Messiah
would endure hundreds of years
later. David obviously endured some great
trial, but through his suffering
he, like the Messiah to come, gained victory.
Jesus, the Messiah, quoted the
first verse of this psalm while hanging on the
cross carrying our burden of
sin (Matthew 27:46).

David would praise God in the congregation because
his private deliverance
deserved a public testimony. God wonderfully delivers
us in the quiet moments
when we are hurting, and we must be prepared to offer
public praise for his

We need to thank
Jesus for suffering for us on the cross. And we need to join
David in praise
for our new life in God.

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