Question: “Who was Cain’s wife? Was Cain’s wife his sister?”

Question: “Who was Cain’s wife? Was Cain’s  wife his sister?”

Answer: The Bible does not specifically say  who Cain’s wife was. The only possible answer is that Cain’s wife was his sister  or niece or great-niece, etc. The Bible does not say how old Cain was when he  killed Abel (Genesis  4:8). Since they were both farmers, they were likely both full-grown adults,  possibly with families of their own. Adam and Eve surely had given birth to more  children than just Cain and Abel at the time Abel was killed. They definitely  had many more children later (Genesis  5:4). The fact that Cain was scared for his own life after he killed Abel  (Genesis  4:14) indicates that there were likely many other children and perhaps even  grandchildren of Adam and Eve already living at that time. Cain’s wife (Genesis 4:17) was a  daughter or granddaughter of Adam and Eve.

Since Adam and Eve were the  first (and only) human beings, their children would have no other choice than to  intermarry. God did not forbid inter-family marriage until much later when there  were enough people to make intermarriage unnecessary (Leviticus 18:6-18).  The reason that incest today often results in genetic abnormalities is that when  two people of similar genetics (i.e., a brother and sister) have children  together, there is a high risk of their recessive characteristics becoming  dominant. When people from different families have children, it is highly  unlikely that both parents will carry the same recessive traits. The human  genetic code has become increasingly “polluted” over the centuries as genetic  defects are multiplied, amplified, and passed down from generation to  generation. Adam and Eve did not have any genetic defects, and that enabled them  and the first few generations of their descendants to have a far greater quality  of health than we do now. Adam and Eve’s children had few, if any, genetic  defects. As a result, it was safe for them to intermarry.

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