Then the LORD
said to Moses, “Write this on a scroll as something to be
remembered and make
sure that Joshua hears it, because I will completely blot
out the name of
Amalek from under heaven.” Exodus 17:14

Joshua led the Israeli army in
the fight against their long-time enemies, the
Amalekites. Moses went up to
the top of the nearby hill. As long as his hands
were held up, the Israelis
were winning. When he grew tired of holding up his
hands, he sat on a rock and Aaron and Hur each held up one of Moses’ arms till
sunset when Joshua
finally overcame the enemy.

The Lord instructs this event to be
“remembered.” It was to be written
down—the first time in scripture—as a
permanent reminder. God’s people are
explicitly called to remember both God’s
deliverance and His judgment of the

he Bible records a number
of events that people remembered. After Jacob’s
dream at Bethel, he used the
stone pillow on which he slept as a pillar of
remembrance. After the Israelis
finally crossed the Jordan River into the
Promised Land, they took twelve
stones from the middle of the Jordan and set
them up as a memorial about
which they were to tell their children. Memorials
help us to remember what
God has done and enable us to trust Him for the

Esdras is a
church leader in southern Mexico. He is also a lawyer and
therefore is able
to stand up for the rights of many indigenous people who are
persecuted for
their Christian faith.

He will always remember a significant event when
God’s protection was evident.
He says, “I was visiting in Mitziton, an area
where more than half of the
community are Christians. The authorities wanted
to turn two hundred
Christians out of their homes and drive them out of the
town. I intervened and
was able to prevent them from having to leave. After
this, I was publicly
threatened with death. That day I was not able to return
to my hometown and we
spent the night in the home of a Christian. It was
outside the town and there
were no houses nearby.

“At about eleven
o’clock in the evening, a strange sensation came over me.
Something seemed
wrong, but I didn’t know what the matter was. At a quarter to
twelve, two
trucks turned up with twelve men. They were heavily armed with
guns. I was
completely alone with Marilene and our little baby. That day, we
happened not
to have any connection to the radio or mobile phone. I couldn’t
phone anyone
and there was no chance of calling for help. The attackers came
closer and
closer. They called out, ‘Now we’ve got him. He can’t get away now.
Now we’re
going to shoot him dead.’

“Suddenly something unexpected happened. The
gardener, an old man who lived in
the grounds, turned on the lights around
the house. I hadn’t asked him to do
anything. When the attackers saw all
those lighted lamps, they cried, ‘Where
have all those guards come

“They slunk off and we were spared. Maybe they saw angels, who had
come to
guard us.” Esdras now travels the world and remembers publicly God’s

RESPONSE: Today I will commit to remember the acts
of God in my life and
record them for the future.

PRAYER: Thank You,
Lord, for remembrance days we have of Your blessings and
Your deliverance.

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