Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake
that the foundations of the
prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors
flew open, and everyone’s
chains came loose. Acts 16:26

Muslim, El Gasim, saw the sign of the cross one day while praying the
five times a day in the prison where he was incarcerated. He
positions but the cross wouldn’t go away. This went on for seven
days. He had
no explanation for it, except that Christ was calling him to
give his life to
Him. A Christian pastor, also in prison explained that living for Christ would
not be without suffering. They prayed

Other Muslim inmates saw El Gasim praying one day with another
prisoner and reported them to the authorities. When summoned to
superintendent’s office, they openly declared their faith in Christ
received twenty-five lashes each, administered by a Christian warder.
other prisoner denied his new faith but El Gasim confessed Christ and
said he
would face the consequence, no matter what. This enraged the
authorities. He
was beaten, shackled in chains weighing over fifty pounds and
put on death row
to be hanged.

The imprisoned pastor had great
compassion for El Gasim, knowing that if God
did not intervene, he was surely
staring death in the eye. He told him Paul
and Silas’ story, reminding him
that he wasn’t the first to be beaten and
chained for the sake of Christ. The
important thing to remember was that Paul
and Silas prayed and praised God,
when their chains fell off and the prison
doors opened. The pastor confirmed
that it could still happen today, because
the power that worked then, was
still at work today. They prayed together,
earnestly seeking God’s

The pastor retired to his room and continued praying. In the
meantime, El
Gasim, who then felt encouraged by the sharing, took the first
step and to his
surprise, the unexpected happened—the chain broke loose and
fell from one of
his legs. Bystanders, whose attention were drawn by the
sound of the falling
chain, watched in amazement as he took the second
step—the same thing
happened. A miracle had happened right before him and his
other inmates. El
Gasim went to the warder and told him, “Your chains are in
the chapel, go and
collect them.”

Trembling and confused the warder
informed his superiors of this strange
occurrence. An emergency meeting was
convened. The incident could not be
ignored or laughed off as nonsense. There
were too many witnesses. They
decided that it would be best to let El Gasim
go free, because if he stayed he
would certainly convert others to
Christianity. Sending him to another prison
wouldn’t help either, because
even there they couldn’t stop Christ from doing

Today I affirm my faith in a miracle working God who can release me
from my

PRAYER: Pray for persecuted Christian prisoners who need to be
released from
chains today.

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