When the storm has swept by, the
wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm
forever. Proverbs

Throughout the Bible, God reveals that He is always in control over
His vast
universe and even our seemingly insignificant lives. Here is a
true-life story
from a member of the persecuted church:

“I was the
only convert of a man who died thinking he was useless to God. Both
crimes were for violent robbery and we actually shared a prison

“He told me about how—by mistake—he had been placed
into a cell with a group
of Christians. They were singing hymns at night and
praising God together. He
saw them as a soft touch and robbed them of their
food parcels. He even beat
them to show who was boss. For the first time in
years he felt powerful again.
But somehow they were not afraid of him and
repeatedly shared their faith in

“One day in a fit of anger he
took his knife to kill one of them. But
something—or Someone—blocked him from
bringing down the knife. For the first
time, he was up against a force more
powerful than himself, and one he could
not understand. At that moment he put
his trust in Christ. The prison
authorities realized he had been allocated to
the wrong cell and they moved
him to solitary confinement. There he pleaded
with God, ‘Lord, let me witness
to Your power and love before I

“One night the prison was overcrowded and I was put into his cell.
I could see
he was far-gone, barely conscious. He beckoned me close to his
lips told me
all about Jesus and how He loved me and wanted to save me. “When
I woke up in
the morning, he was cold and dead. I was to be moved to a hard
labor camp that
day but the truck that was to take me there broke down. So I
ended up in
another cell—the one full of Christians.

“My truck was
delayed a week. In that time the Christians told me the whole
story about
this man. They were delighted to learn he had witnessed to me
before he died.
The night before I was moved, I too trusted Christ.

“That’s the strength
of suffering for Christ. It kept a dying man going
because he wanted to
witness. It kept those Christian prisoners buoyant all
through their
captivity. It gave me hope when I looked ahead at eight years of
hard labor
camp. I would have died if not for Christ.”

RESPONSE: Today I will live
in the awareness and peace that God has everything

matter what storms I face.

PRAYER: Pray that all those living in
conditions as described above will also
understand God’s purposes for their
lives and realize the strength and
meaningfulness in suffering for Christ.


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