“But blessed is the one who trusts in the
LORD, whose confidence is in him.
They will be like a tree planted by the
water that sends out its roots by the
stream…and never fails to bear fruit.”
Jeremiah 17:7-8d

Trees were not plentiful in Israel and most grew by
sources of water like an
oasis or a stream. Jeremiah’s simile indicates a person with confidence in the
Lord is like a deep-rooted tree by the stream
that bears fruit faithfully year
after year in all kinds of

The most remarkable report I’ve heard from China is about a
Christian lady in
prison during the “anti-spiritual pollution campaign” in
the mid-eighties. She
spent her time in prison hand carving scripture verses
in miniature lettering
with a sharpened end of a toothbrush on the walls and
even on the frame of the
cot in her cell. Years later she actually met
another person who subsequently
spent time in the same cell and came to
Christ through reading those verses
over and over.

One year when
visiting Christians in the north of China, I asked the
whereabouts of Aunty
Mei Bo. This short octogenarian medical doctor, I was
told, was away on a
missions outreach in spiritually needy Tibet. The next
summer she was home
and very anxious to hear of our group experience in
Tibet—the rooftop of the
world—since she was planning another mission trip
there soon. She concluded,
“Jesus is saying, ‘Hurry up and get the job done so
I can come back

Aunty Mei Bo often stored Bibles from foreign couriers in her
home where she
lived alone. One day the Public Security Police raided her
home and
confiscated all the Christian materials they found. Later in the day
she found
a JESUS video they had missed. So off to the police station she
headed with
the video.

The young lady at the desk looked askance in
her direction. “I want to talk to
the Chief of Police!” Mei Bo demanded
firmly. “Today his men were at my house
and they did not see this,” she said
waving the video tape in the air. The
receptionist ushered Mei Bo into the
police chief’s office. He acted oblivious
to her arrival yet grunted a
question of intent.

“Sir,” Mei Bo began slowly. “Earlier today your men
raided my house and took
all the Bibles I had stored there. I understand that
they were just doing
their job. But after they left, I noticed that they
missed this video tape. I
need to know from you if this is acceptable
material or not. Would you and
your staff check it for me?”

well, come back in two weeks,” he muttered dismissing her with a wave of
hand. Mei Bo almost skipped out the door with overflowing joy as she
headed toward home. “Thank you Lord! How else could I get the Beijing chief of
police with his staff to watch the JESUS video?”

Aunty Mei Bo led
many to the Lord all through her long life and spent her time
in discipling
them. She never failed to bear fruit.

RESPONSE: I want to be a tree that
bears fruit without fail, regardless of age
and weather

PRAYER: Lord, may my deep rootedness in You cause me to never
fail to produce
lasting fruit.

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