…We declare God’s wisdom, a mystery that
has been hidden and that God destined
for our glory before time began. None
of the rulers of this age understood it,
for if they had, they would not have
crucified the Lord of glory. 1
Corinthians 2:7-8

Today’s devotional
comes from our founder and friend, Brother Andrew:

Have you ever noticed
the strategy Satan used throughout Old Testament
history? His attacks were
aimed at preventing the birth of the Messiah at
Bethlehem, but, once Jesus
was born, Satan’s tactics changed somewhat. In some
instances, he tried to
kill Jesus before the Lord could reach the cross. At
other times, Satan
engineered numerous attempts to discredit Him—to cause Him
to stumble or to

But Satan met defeat at the cross. He failed to understand God’s
strategy, and
his final blunder actually forced events so that Jesus, though
innocent, was
condemned to die. The Apostle Paul noted that Satan did not
understand this in
1 Corinthians 2:8. Since that time, Satan’s tactics have
changed. He’s still
concerned about preventing the Word—the Word that was
with God and is God
(John 1:1)—from reaching people who are under Satan’s
dominion. His attack is
now two-pronged.

First Satan concentrates on
the life and name of Jesus which each and every
believer bears as the Lord’s
representative. I believe it is important for
Christians undergoing
persecution to realize the attack they are under is
actually directed not at
them, but at the life of Jesus in them, a life which
they have power to
transmit to others.

Satan will make every effort to discredit you, to
frighten you and to silence
your witness in order that the new life in you
stops with you. Sometimes Satan
overreaches himself, just as he did at the
cross, and sends a believer to a
martyr’s grave but that life lives on in
other believers who continue to bear
witness more gloriously and triumphantly
than ever.

That the church not only survives, but grows under such
persecution has been
demonstrated beautifully by the church in China. After
missionaries were
forced to leave in 1950, and all ties were cut with the
body of Christ,
believers were put through the horrible experience of Mao’s
Revolution. Christians were killed or imprisoned, Bibles burned, and
remaining believers scattered all over China. The attack was clearly on
life and name of Jesus as manifested in believer’s lives.

As these
sufferers scattered, they took the life of Jesus with them, and just
as was
the case with the early believers in Jerusalem, “Those who were
went about preaching the Word” (Acts 8:4). Now we see the harvest in
China as
millions of Christians are identified, meeting together for
fellowship and
worship in remote provinces…

I want others to have the one who makes me

RESPONSE: Today I will be aware of Satan’s attempts to
silence my witness for
Jesus and resist him!

PRAYER: Thank You, Lord,
for the way You bring good from the evil tactics of
the enemy of our soul.
Help me stand strong against his attack on the life and
name of Jesus in me.

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