Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and
forever. Hebrews 13:8

Brother Andrew continues his teaching on Satan’s
strategic attacks:

Our methods of taking the Bible into places where it
is not available nor
permitted is actually very close to the New Testament
concept of transmitting
the Word of God. In our Western nations, we enjoy the rare privilege of seeing
people come to us for the message. We even wait for
them to come and we put up
special buildings for them to come to. Then we
open the doors and welcome them
with a smile.

Such methods make me
feel that we’ve responded very wrongly to Jesus’
announced intention to make
us “fishers of men.” We have made a beautiful net
of our church buildings and
have set it up on the shore waiting for the fish
to jump in of their own

Our pattern of waiting for people to come to us is exactly the
reverse of the
Great Commission. Because we have done it this way for so long
we have even
begun to question the original way that God intended for it to
be. What a
topsy-turvy world we live in!

We must have the courage, the
Holy Spirit boldness, to live a life that is
more revolutionary than that of
any non-Christian faith. The Lord will give us
the courage to work like
commandos if we want Him to, but we must go and carry
out His

The command has been given by the risen Lord and the call is
clear: prepare
for spiritual battle! Let’s go in Jesus’ name and do it! We
can do it because
ever since He first issued the orders, Jesus has given to
every generation the
ability, the strength, the manpower, and the opportunity
to do it.

Although every generation has failed in some way, the first
generation almost
accomplished it. Almost! In our generation we don’t need to
fail. We can
fulfill the commission because Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday, today and
forever. He who holds all authority in heaven and on
earth has authorized us
to advance on His enemy everywhere, including across
every “closed” border. He
still endues us with the power of the Holy Spirit
that we might be witnesses
to the uttermost parts of the earth.

and strengthen what remains” (Revelation 3:2). That is the watchword of
ministry to fellow-believers in China, Africa, Latin America and the
East. What constrains us is the love of Christ; for love, the Word of
God tells us, is the fulfillment of all divine commands. I want others to have
the one who makes me happy—Jesus. I want others to have what makes me
spiritually—the Bible.

The God of miracles will bring it to

RESPONSE: Today I commit to going—not waiting—to carry out Jesus’
and be a fisher of men in the power of His Holy

PRAYER: Lord, give me the boldness to advance against our
everywhere—even in so-called “closed” countries.

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