If we confess our sins, he is faithful and
just and will forgive us our sins
and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1
John 1:9

Satan’s internal tactics against us fall into two broad
categories: deceit and
intimidation. He continually accuses us in our own
hearts to bring feelings of
guilt and failure into our lives. True guilt is
that which comes from
disobeying God. One reason that this approach is so
effective in crushing the
witness of a saint is because it is partially true.
We all have failed the
Lord. None of us has triumphed in power over every
circumstance as we could
and should have done. So when Satan accuses us, we
know in our hearts that
there is much truth in his accusations.

God has provided us with a way to cleanse ourselves of this sin and the
that accompanies it. When we realize we have failed the Lord, we confess
and He forgives and cleanses us. Once we have confessed it, the sin is
and our feelings of guilt are relieved.

David’s experience shows us God’s
method of dealing with sin: conviction,
acknowledgment, confession, seeking
forgiveness, receiving forgiveness, praise
and joyful service (Psalm 51;
Psalm 32:3, 4; II Samuel 12:1-13). Once sin is
dealt with in this manner,
true guilt will disappear.

The revolutionary army told a young Christian
in Chad, Africa that he must
submit to old animistic tribal rituals. They
wanted to destroy Christianity
and stimulate patriotism and loyalty by
reviving the ancient pagan customs.
The leaders of the churches of the area
agreed together that Christians must
refuse to participate in the animistic

When the young man refused and was beaten, he stood firm in his
faith. But
when the authorities stripped him naked and beat him in front of
his mother,
sisters and other young ladies, his courage failed and he
permitted them to
perform the pagan rituals.

Then he felt terrible. He
had failed the Lord. His guilt was heavy. Satan
tried to convince him that
the Lord could never again accept him. But he knew
the scriptural promises of
God, and he confessed his sin. The Lord forgave him
and restored his

He began to publicly witness to his neighbors and he was arrested.
authorities demanded that he denounce Christ or be buried alive. This
his faith was strong and he refused to deny Christ. He was beaten and
into prison to await execution, but his faith grew stronger and the
delivered him. The oppressive government was overthrown and he was

RESPONSE: Today I will confess my sin and receive God’s
forgiveness from the
guilt so that Satan cannot use this tactic against

PRAYER: Pray that this simple and straight-forward process of
relieving guilt
through confession of sin will be the experience of every
believer so Satan
loses one more tactic today.

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