For God did not give us a spirit of timidity,
but a spirit of power, of love
and of self-discipline. 2 Timothy

Satan delights in causing “panic attacks” in a crisis situation. The
have an interesting lesson in the two characters chosen for their
“crisis.” One character is danger and the other is opportunity. The inference
is that in every crisis experience, both elements are present. So a
crisis is
a dangerous situation presenting an opportunity. When you focus on
just the
danger, you become paralyzed by fear. Focusing on the opportunity,
enables you to fly with wings of faith. It is we, ourselves, who
choose on
which of the two we will focus.

Similar reasons for our
personal fears also keep us from being the voice of
God in a fallen world on
behalf of His church. There is a time for Christians
to speak out forcefully
against the injustices and sinfulness of our own
society and culture. This is
especially true in situations where we can help
our brothers and sisters who
suffer. But fear can keep us tongue-tied. As the
church, we must learn to
speak out and not be cowed by fear.

As mentioned before, Pastor Simeon
Popov was a recognized authority figure
among the evangelical Christians of
Bulgaria. Although his church was
officially registered, the police were
constantly watching his activities
because he didn’t agree with the
restrictions imposed by the authorities, in
particular those concerning

One day at a secret river baptism early in the morning, the
group was all
ready in their white gowns when Simeon saw some “shadows”
moving behind the
bushes. He realized immediately that they were agents of
the secret police
spying on them. One of them, who was awkwardly hidden, had
a camera.

Without hesitating, Simeon called to him, “Hey, you. Come a bit
closer!” The
man sheepishly approached. “Since you have a camera, why don’t
you take a
picture of our group?” The police officer was so surprised that he just did it
without asking questions. Then the ceremony of baptism took place
as planned!
A few days later, the secret police agent was even fair enough to
give the
photograph to Simeon who kept it and made copies.

when we are fearful, we can claim the promise of Scripture: “For God
did not
give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and
self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7).

RESPONSE: Today I will not walk
in fear but in the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

PRAYER: Pray for boldness
for pastors today in countries where Satan tries to
bind them with fear.

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