Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let
nothing move you. Always give
yourselves fully to the work of the Lord,
because you know that your labor in
the Lord is not in vain. 1 Corinthians

Lung Singh was a spirit worshipper and opium addict for forty-five
years in
the little Southeast Asian country of Laos. When he turned to
Christ, he
became a powerhouse for the Lord. Dr. Jan Pit shares about the day he baptized
Lung Singh:

“I’ll never forget how, after coming up out of
the waters, he began singing,
‘I have decided to follow Jesus,’ Then he
pointed to the ripples spreading out
in the water and said, ‘Brother Jan,
there goes my old life. All the old
things have passed away. It’s gone.
Everything now is new.’

“Still soaking wet, he clambered onto the bank on
the side of the famous
Mekong River and knelt down. ‘Devil,’ he shouted.
‘I’ve been your servant for
45 years. Now I belong to Christ. Now I only
serve him.’

“I’ve never met a man so on fire for the Lord. After I left
the country in
1973, Lung Singh continued his courageous ministry. He was
constantly warned
by the Pathet Lao Communists to stop his preaching, but he

“’I cannot do that. Jesus saved me. He did everything for me. I
can’t be

Years later he was executed but not before impacting
for good the kingdom of

Sister Wu is a leader in a house
church in China. One day her home was
suddenly raided by the police. She had
Christian literature from abroad and it
was confiscated. Sister Wu was
arrested and taken to the police station. The
police were cruel and abusive
towards her. She was questioned overnight not
only by the police but also by
the head of the Religious Affairs Bureau (RAB)
of the city. She bravely
responded to their questions.

Just a few days after her release, the
chief of the RAB’s brother was severely
injured in an automobile accident and
taken to the hospital. By the time
Sister Wu knew about it, she went to visit
this RAB chief’s brother and
mother. She led them to the Lord while they were
in the hospital.

Later, on another occasion, Sister Wu was holding a
Christian training class
in a small room of a restaurant. One of the
employees decided to report the
meeting to the PSB hoping to make some money
because it was an illegal
meeting. The matter was reported all the way to the
top of the RAB, but the
chief of the RAB, upon discovering that it was Sister
Wu conducting the
meeting, said “Oh, don’t bother her. She’s OK.” Sister Wu’s
boldness was

RESPONSE: Today I will live in the strength of
Christ and fearlessly refuse to
give in to my enemy, Satan’s attempts to shut
down my verbal and outgoing

PRAYER: Pray for boldness for all
believers to share the gospel openly.

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