You will keep in perfect peace those whose
minds are steadfast, because they
trust in you. Isaiah

Twenty-nine-year-old Maryam Rostampour and thirty-two-year old
Amirizadeh spent 259 days in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison in 2009
in Iran.
They had to overcome the fear of life imprisonment and the
possibility of
execution because they loved and followed Jesus Christ. They
had to remain
strong through weeks in solitary confinement, and endless hours
interrogation by Iranian officials and religious leaders. They had to
months of harsh living conditions and debilitating sickness. In their
interview (with Sam Yeghnazar of Elam Ministries), they shared what
life was
like in prison and how they survived.

When asked about the
worst part of the prison experience, Marzieh wept as

“One of the worst was the execution of two of my fellow
prisoners. I had never
experienced such a thing. One of those killed was my
roommate. We had spent a
lot of time together. And one day they took her to
be executed. For a week I
was in shock that killing a human being was so
easy…After these executions the
spirit of sorrow and death hung over the
prison. There was deadly silence
everywhere. We all felt this. There was
nothing we could do. Everyone was
under pressure. The sadness was
overwhelming. We stared at each other but had
no power to speak. This was the
worst experience. It was horrifying and

When asked if she
feared execution, Marzieh responded:

“I never thought about execution, I
thought we might be sentenced to life
imprisonment because that is the
punishment for women convicted of apostasy. I
just thought this was something
we would have to bear.

“Before prison we talked about execution, but when
we got to prison and
experienced the fear of it—our way of talking changed.
The very first night
that we were arrested, when they threatened us, we were
really frightened. We
never imagined we would be so frightened; we had talked
about these things
before. But the atmosphere there and what happened to us
frightened us beyond
our expectations. We were confined to a dark and dirty
room and paralyzed with
fear. We could see the fear in each other’s faces. We
prayed and what calmed
us was the presence of God and the peace that He gave

“It is easy to say that I give my life for the Lord and I will do
anything for
Him, even die. I always thought it would be a privilege to give
my life for
the Lord. You say these things. I know for sure that if this
would happen to
us we would rejoice ultimately. But human fears gripped us.
The power the Lord
gave us helped us to overcome these fears, just as when we
prayed in the
police station, God banished our fear and renewed our

RESPONSE: Today I acknowledge that God can grant His peace in
every trying
situation I face.

PRAYER: Thank You Lord for the promise
of Your presence, Your peace and
renewing strength.

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