About Larry Scoggins

Who am I??????   Wellllll, I’m Just an old Grampa, retired and doing my best to serve my “Lord and Master Jesus Christ,” in the very best way that I can. For “HE” is my only hope of Salvation and “HE” has assured me if I would love “HIM”, believe in “HIM” and accept “HIM” into my heart as my personal Saviour, that “HE” would let me be with “HIM” in Heaven for all eternity. I have no doubts whatever that when its my time to die or “HE” comes back after us, that I WILL BE IN HEAVEN WITH HIM. I pray that you too have that personal assurance.
Forgiveness?????        The Lord said” Forgive and Thou Shalt be Forgiven.” So yes, forgiving is a must for the christian. To forgive is more for the one doing the forgiving, than it is the one being forgiven. Sure, in most case’s it helps the forgiven too. But the peace that comes into one’s heart when one has truly forgiven someone or something, that is what it’s all about. One must be able to forgive in order to live a happy life. Me???   Yes I do live a happy life. Oh yeah, there are things that come along once in a while, that bring you down a little bit, but folk’s if you have Jesus in your heart and life and you depend on HIM for your happiness and peace, there’s nothing that can keep you down for long.

11 Responses to About Larry Scoggins

  1. nitro522387 says:

    . Matthew 6:14-15, “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

  2. Carol says:

    Larry, you should be a preacher. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. You seem to have an understanding that is so in depth. Please continue with it, you never know who might be reading it and need it at that moment.

  3. Brenda kay Rogers :) says:

    I love reading everything that larry put on facebook it make my day god be with you alway,s love Brenda:)

  4. Janet Denton says:

    Hey Larry, I really like your posts, looking forward to reading more. I know that there are a lot of people who go from day to day looking to see what and how other people have to say about what they know to be true in their way of thinking about our God, faith, forgiveness, eternity, heaven. And what you say can actually post a good impact on someone else, which is so good. Thank you. looking forward to reading more.

  5. nitro522387 says:

    Thank you Carol, Brenda and Janet! These comments mean a lot to me, just knowing that someone has read my posts and knowing that Maybe, just Maybe that one of my articles that I have written or one of the post written by somone else might have helped a Soul come to Jesus or help someone who is hurting means the world to me. Thanks again, I love you all and pray for you Gods richest blessings!

  6. Verna Taylor....Lynn & Doris Armstong are relatives of my late huband, Robert...My daughters and I got to visit with them awhile on Friday Oct. 12. Was her mother's 80th birthday... says:

    You always have the most appropriate verses and pics…It is one of the brightest spots of my day to see what you have to say about the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you for the ispiration you share with others…

    • nitro522387 says:

      Verna, I am so glad to meet you, even though it is in cyber space and I thank you and appreciate your comment very much. It humbles my heart to get comments like this and helps me to realize that maybe, just maybe the Holy Spirit Is working through me, just a little bit. For it is He that guides and prompts me to post This one and That one. Thank you soooo much and Gods blessings to you and yours!!

      Even though Lynn and I are kind of kin in a way, I don’t remember meeting he and Doris until a couple of years ago when my mom was in hospice there where Lynn works. I liked them both immediately and we became friends on Facebook and I consider everyone family. I call it my Honorary family, of which you also are a part of and all of you mean the world to me. Thanks again!!

  7. Larry you know I read your devotionals each day and your FB as well. I wish I had known this was here as well before now.

    I am praying for you..asking for The Lord’s mercy.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Larry, I know when we pray for the Holy Spirit to work through us and for His light to shine, that if we are humble, and truly searching to help people around us, He will honor our request. He promises our cup will runneth over with his peace, joy, and understanding when we do our very best for Him. And I know you are doing your very best to lead people to Christ. I will continue to pray for you and Paula to be strong to endure the tests of time but I know you have much comfort in knowing where you will be spending Eternity. I look forward to us all reuniting with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit some glad day.

    By the way, this is the first time I have been to this page. Somehow I guess I missed it before.


    • nitro522387 says:

      Marilyn thank you for visiting my page here on WordPress, I hope you will come back when you have a little time, maybe try reading some of the post in the early years when I was posting some of my own thoughts. I certainly appreciate every prayer you include me in, I need all I can get. Love you and Gods blessings to you!!

  9. Katie Isabella says:

    This is Carole. The name and address is my cat’s blog and it defaults to that.

    I enjoyed this not only for its true content but that was like Brother Larry talking to us as we sit with him. Just as always.

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